Felony Charges

Felony charges can be frightening. New laws require that every felony result in an arrest and booking. That means the accused is incarcerated unless the Court releases them or they can post a bond.

There is no reason to not have any attorney for a felony case. Because the impact of a felony case can be so dramatic in terms of rights lost, potential prison time and impact on employment and family, it is not just a need for an attorney but for a good attorney.

The Daniels Law Firm has been handling felony cases for twenty years. From white collar cases, to theft and robbery cases to drive by shootings, the Daniels Law Firm has handled and won all types of cases. The earlier you secure the Daniels Law Firm the better. We can speak with Detectives or the case filing unit in a District Attorney Office if it would be beneficial. Those type actions can only be taken early on. Once the case is filed, this firm is accustomed to dealing with district attorneys all over Colorado.

Do not leave your present and future to chance and at the mercy of the government. The Daniels Law Firm has been there before and will be able to not only help defend you but help you understand and make you feel better about your situation.

Lakewood v. S, August 2018

Assault, facing six months in jail. Found Not guilty by jury trial 8/ 10/18.

State v. L, Arapahoe County July 2018

Sexual Assault – Domestic Violence & Second Degree Assault – Domestic Violence, facing possible life in prison. Case dismissed after pending for 1 year.

Denver v. B, October 2017

Not Guilty verdicts in jury trial where client charged with Domestic violence assault, disturbing the peace and wrongs to minors.

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