Federal Crimes

The power of the Federal Government is immense. When you are the subject of an investigation by the Federal Government, expert criminal defense is critical. For over a decade, the Daniels Law Firm has defended criminal cases in the Federal Court of Colorado. This firm has secured a Not Guilty Verdict in drug conspiracy charges in Federal Court and even secured a dismissal of charges resulting from the illegal seizure of drugs with an estimated worth of over $7 million during a traffic stop on I-70.

If you are charged, or even targeted, in a federal investigation, do not hesitate to call the Daniels Law Firm. It is important to do so as early in an investigation as possible. Even more so than their state counterparts, federal investigators are expert in investigation and interrogation. Having an attorney experienced in all matters pertaining to federal crimes becomes very important to prevent the accumulation of additional evidence against you.

Whether you are facing issues related to tax filings, conspiracy to distribute drugs, economic crimes or anything else, the Daniels Law Firm has the experience to help.

Lakewood v. S, August 2018

Assault, facing six months in jail. Found Not guilty by jury trial 8/ 10/18.

State v. L, Arapahoe County July 2018

Sexual Assault – Domestic Violence & Second Degree Assault – Domestic Violence, facing possible life in prison. Case dismissed after pending for 1 year.

Denver v. B, October 2017

Not Guilty verdicts in jury trial where client charged with Domestic violence assault, disturbing the peace and wrongs to minors.

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